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Stress ක්ලමථය Anxiety and Tension කාංසාව හා ආතතිය අධි තීව්‍ර කාංසාව Panic attack A breathing exercise to reduce anxiety and tension  කාංසාව හා ආතතිය අඩු කිරීමට ව්‍යායාමයක් මොකද්ද මේ මනෝ සෞඛ්‍යය? The Ways We Deal With The World And Ourselves: … දිගටම කියවන්න

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Why people sing and dance after alcohol?

Is alcohol a stimulant? When people take alcohol they behave in a certain way. A way that amuses themselves as well as others.  They start to talk a bit louder; bit excessively; bit aggressively; bit jovially. Some start to sing, … දිගටම කියවන්න

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